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Gabrielle Ackroyd University College London
Mortgages; anthropology; material culture; debt; attachment; divestment
Paula Lucía Aguilar University of Buenos Aires, Instituto de Investigaciones "Gino Germani"
Domesticity, home, social policy, genealogy, social sciences history, gender
Catherine Alexander Durham University
Social justice, fear, citizenship, belonging, memory
Rebecca Apperley New Zealand Historic Places Trust
Collection management, historic house, colonialism, emigration, gender, religion
Gladys Arana-Lopez Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán, México
19th and early 20th century, domestic space, material culture, everyday life, family life, home


Sonia Bartol Universidad Isabel I de Castilla Spain
Religion, colonial history, home front, Willow China Pattern and ´Timewarpian´ people.
Michaela Kvapilová Bartošová Masaryk University
Family, gender, singles, children, motherhood, home
Tanja Bastia University of Manchester
Migration, gender, intersectionality, trafficking, ageing
Richard Baxter Queen Mary University of London
High-rise, modernism, demolition, house biography, STS, unmaking
Laura Bedford The Geffrye Museum
Julie Begum The Geffrye Museum
Carrie Behar University College London
Michaela Benson Goldsmiths, University of London
Selfbuild housing, building homes, housing markets, domestic aesthetics, social class, ethnography
Jenni Berlin University of Eastern Finland
Home, culture, routine, well-being, loneliness, social media
Katie Beswick School of English and Drama, Queen Mary University of London
Council estate, arts, theatre, race, class, home
Oliver Betts University of York
City, 19th and 20th Century Britain, working-class, identity, social investigation, family.
Kamaldeep Bhui Queen Mary University of London
Lisa Blower
C21 working-classes, identity, matriarchs, Belonging to place, fiction, regional writing
Alison Blunt Queen Mary University of London
Imperial domesticity, India, diaspora, identity, city
Caroline Blunt
Being, becoming; belonging; place-making; migration; home/world; qualitative research methods
Sarah Black Liverpool Hope University
Dance performance, family identity, memory/history, gendered/domestic space, motherhood
Yekatherina Bobrova University College London
Home-meanings, practice theories, socio-technical systems
Paolo Boccagni University of Trento
Transnational migration, home-making, home care, belonging, domesticity
Janet C. Bowstead
Internal migration, gender, policy, violence against women, visual, journeys
Katherine Brickell Royal Holloway, University of London
Geography, gender, policy, violence, visual, Southeast Asia
Chiara Briganti King's College, London
Domesticity, memory, nostalgia, belonging, bedsitters, boarding-houses
Tim Brown Queen Mary University of London
Green space; urban health; sanitary reform; social hygiene; vitalism
Stella Butter University of Mannheim
Home, Heimat, models of subjectivity, modernization, cultural functions of literature
Anthony Buxton
Domestic culture, material culture, historic furnishings, heritage interpretation


Felicity Cannell, University of Sheffield
Material culture, thing power, gender, home-ownership, ethnography, STS
Laura Carter Trinity Hall, University of Cambridge
Geffrye Museum, everyday life, folk, public history, material culture, Quennell
Holly Cecil University of Victoria, Canada (History in Art and Anthropology)
Northern Europe Early Modern period, Dutch Golden Age, textiles, children, Arts & Crafts movement, animals in the home
Deborah Chambers Newcastle University, Media and Cultural Studies
Media, technologies, homes, families, households, culture
Serenella Cherini-Ramirez Universidad de Los Andes, Venezuela
Domesticity, home, domestic space, material culture, 19th and 20th century, modernization
Tessa Chynoweth Queen Mary University of London and Birmingham Museums
Servants, public history, material culture, domestic space, mobility
Noelia S. Cirnigliaro Dartmouth College, New Hampshire, USA
Baroque literature, early modern Spain, domestic space, material culture, gender
Kim Clayton-Greene University  of Melbourne
Victorian, print culture, interior decoration, etching revival, aestheticism, Britian
Hillary Collins University College, London
Safe spaces, sites of medical care, nursing and history of nursing
Alice Correia, University of Salford
Contemporary Art, migration, diaspora, Britishness, identity politics, post-colonialism.
Bernard ('Bill') Cotton, MA, PhD
Vernacular furniture, Ethnography  Regional Domestic Life
Rosie Cox Birkbeck, University of London
Paid domestic work, domestic workers, au pairs, DIY, housework, New Zealand
Zoë Crisp
Gardens, yards, housing, gardening, quantification, 19th century


Sadhvi Dar Queen Mary University of London
Postcolonial theory, ethnography, visual ethnography, youth culture, diaspora, markets
Virginia Davis Queen Mary University of London
Bruce Davenport Newcastle University
Objects, spaces, cognition, memory, learning, reminiscence
Julie De Groot University of Antwerp
Domesticity, interior decoration, material culture, space, sixteenth century, Southern Low Countries
David Dewing The Geffrye Museum
Georgina Downey University of Adelaide
Art History, interior design History, architectural theory, domestic Space, 19th and early 20th century
Jan Willem Duyvendak University of Amsterdam
Citizenship, urban sociology, sexuality and gender, social movements, ‘feeling at home’, nativism


Molly Eckel Courtauld Institue of Art
Domestic interior, material culture, empire, childhood, glass, science & technology
Heidi Egginton Newnham College, University of Cambridge
Collecting, decorative arts, material culture, interior design, second-hand trade, museums
Markman Ellis Queen Mary University of London
Tea, coffee-house, sensibility, politeness, empire, poetry
Sami Everett SOAS, University of London
Diaspora, migration, belonging, affect, trans-Maghrib


Joe Farag Queen Mary University of London
Palestine; literature; nationalism; identity; postcolonialism; politics of culture
Seana Farrington University College, Cork
Art history, domestic art, big house, Ireland, digital humanities, vision
Francesca Ferrari University of Rome Tor Vergata
Migration, domesticity, gender, belonging, identity, life-writing
Margot Finn University of Warwick
Country house, colonial, Anglo-Indian, material culture, domestic interior, family history
Rachael Flaherty University of Cambridge
Home, suburb, south asian, Bourdieu, assemblage
Hannah Fleming The Geffrye Museum
Imma Forino Politecnico di Milano
Interiors, furnishing, interiority, domestic spaces, office & work space, autobiographical homes


Lucie Galčanová Masaryk University, Brno & Institute of Sociology of the Academy of Sciences, Prague
Housing and home, domestic cultures, material culture, identity, ageing, architecture, urban sociology
Mohamed Gamal Abdelmonem School of Planning, Architecture & Civil Engineering (SPACE), Queen’s University Belfast
19th and 20th century domestic space, architecture of home, spatial practice, material culture, everyday life, home as enterprise
Martina Ghosh-Schellhorn Transcultural Anglophone Studies, Saarland University
Miranda Garrett Central Saint Martins
Interior design, gender, design history, decorative arts, British, 19th century
3D virtuality; commemorative practices; colonial architecture, colonial historiography, material culture, British India
Claudia Georgi University of Göttingen, Germany
Homesickness, Heimweh, nostalgia, 18th and 19th century, travel literature, Empire
Alex Goddard The Geffrye Museum
Geffrye, interiors, Utility, 20th century, contemporary, domestic
Andrew Gorman-Murray University of Western Sydney
Intersections of sexuality and gender with home and domesticity
Jonathan Gration De Montfort University Leicester, Digital Building Heritage Group
Historic interiors, digital reconstruction, conservation, 3D, country houses, heritage
Mary Guyatt Queen Mary University of London
Museums, children, empire, interiors, design, Victorian / 19th century


Susan Haight  Carleton University
Model house displays, consumerism, interwar Toronto, alternative modernities, material culture, transnationalism
Stephen Hague Department of History, Rowan University
Britain, British Empire, architecture, domestic, interiors, furnishings
Lindsay Halton
Psychology of home, reading homes, life stories, self-empowerment, home design, sustainable living
Jane Hamlett Royal Holloway, University of London
Material culture space, institutions, family, gender
Pernille Hansen European University Institute
Everyday practice, empire migration, identity, nationality, belonging, diasporic
Emma Hardy The Geffrye Museum
Joseph Harley University of Leicester
Consumption, material culture, poverty, housing, domestic space, pauper inventories
Bex Harper Independent scholar, London
Gender, sexuality, belonging, German cinema, heritage aesthetics, queer and feminist performance
Emily Harris Queen Mary University of London
Religion, home, domestic practice, material culture, interfaith
Mary Hatfield Trinity College, Dublin
Childhood, Ireland, material culture, toys, schools, gender
Rhodri Hayward Queen Mary University of London
Psychology, psychiatry, material culture, medicine, neurosis, depression
Liz Hingley
Minh Tho Haong 
Cross-cultural, migration, gender, work-life conflict, working from home, life satisfaction
Jessie Hohmann Queen Mary University of London
Right to housing; materiality; indigenous rights; international law; marginalisation
Paula Hohti School of Art, Design and Architecture, Aalto University, Finland
Renaissance Art, textiles, fashion, domestic interior, artisan and trading communities, 16th-century Siena
Frances Holliss
London Metropolitan University
Home-based work; architecture; space; dual-use; sustainable lifestyle; life-worlds
Vicky Holmes
Coroners’ inquests, domestic accidents, domestic practice, local newspapers, material culture, working class
Lesley Hoskins Queen Mary University of London
Material culture, 19th-and 20th-century British homes, household inventories, domestic culture, British lunatic asylums
Coral Howard London Metropolitan University
Laundry, domestic service, photography, gender, power, family history
Xu Huang Utrecht University
Home-making, rural-urban migrants, urban China, hukou, home ownership, residential mobility
Zoe Hudson The Geffrye Museum
Museum, archaeology, material culture, London, theatre
Paula Humfrey
Domestics, early-modern, household, London, servants, wages
Laura Humphreys Queen Mary University of London
Domestic service, migration, home, London, collections, house museums
Rachel Humphris University of Oxford
Transnational migration, domesticity, belonging, home visits, social policy  


Sarah Ismail Grand Tour, neo-classicism, India, China, architecture, tea


Michelle Janning Whitman College (Washington, USA)
Family sociology, material culture, design, divorce, gender, Scandinavia
Kirsten Jarrett
Household archaeology, material culture, industrial housing, identity, class, early 20th century
Eleanor John The Geffrye Museum
Lucetta Johnson The Courtauld Institute of Art
Domestic interiors, Great Exhibition, history of furniture, objects, death and memory


Jake Kaner School of Design, Craft and Visual Arts Buckinghamshire New University
Archives, conservation, design, furniture, heritage, twentieth century
Louisa Knight Museum of Domestic Design and Architecture, Middlesex University
Lan Kieu Umeå University, Sweden
Love, home, being/becoming/belonging, affect, non-representationalism, postcolonialities
Annette Kuhn Queen Mary University of London
Cultural memory, photography and memory, film history, D. W. Winnicott
Margarethe Kusenbach University of South Florida
Mobile homes, belonging, social mobility, stigma, material culture, ethnography


Barbara Lasic Victoria and Albert Museum
Material culture, 18th and 19th centuries, house museums
Mary Laven Reader in Early Modern History, Faculty of History, University of Cambridge
Early modern; Catholic; devotion; material culture; miracles; Italy
Sue Law
Country house, family, sexuality, identity, class, 18th/19th century
Melissa Lee Chinese University of Hong Kong
Diaspora, borders, visual art, post colonialism, literature, hospitality
Natalie Lee University of Hull
Contemporary performance, home, autobiography, social housing, class, representation
Grace Lees-Maffei University of Hertfordshire
Design, design history, cultural history, women’s history, methodology, historiography
Megan Leyland University of Leicester
Country house, gender, patronage, architecture, nineteenth century, Lamport Hall
Alison Lightbown The Geffrye Museum
Caron Lipman Queen Mary University of London
Domestic, Uncanny, Past, Inheritance, Belief, Experience
Karen Lipsedge Kingston University
Eighteenth century, domestic space, interiors, gender, objects and the novel
Jayne Lloyd Freelance photographer
Photography, visual methods, home, memory, family, passage of time
Joanna Long
Domesticity, everyday practices, family, relatedness, diasporic identities
Anne Cathrine Lorentzen Den Gamle By Museum
Home, domestic culture, interior decoration, museum, im-/materiality, memory and identity
Loretta Iengtak Lou University of Oxford
Sustainable living, everyday practices, home technologies, ordinary ethics, subjectivity, China
Hilary Iris Lowe Temple University
House museums, literature, nationalism, literary tourism
Conor Lucey University College Dublin
Architecture, decoration, style, neoclassicism, ornament


Ruth Mackay University of Leeds
Jane Mackelworth Queen Mary University of London
Sexuality, gender, subjectivity, domesticity, Britain, 20th century
Sally Mackey Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, University of London
Place, performance, participation, ecology, environment, landscapes
Zenia Malmer Victoria and Albert Museum / Royal College of Art
Design history / food history, kitchen gadgets, democratization of food, ingredients, food technologies, taste
Sara Marino University of Westminster
Italian diaspora, digital media, integration, media consumption, transnationality, cultural identity.
Vanessa Marr University of Brighton/Sussex Coast College
Domesticity, commonplace objects and language, book form, visual communication, narrative and sequence.
Aina Marti King's College London (PhD candidate, Comparative Literature)
Domestic space, architecture, narrative, sexuality, 19th century, modernism
Patricia Marton
Child and family life, writings, photographs, entertainment, memory, children's literature and film adaptations, immigration
Fran Mascia-Lees Rutgers University
Politics of aesthetics, embodiment, consumer culture, ethnography, Arts and Crafts Movement, U.S.
Anne Massey Middlesex University
Professional design; popular culture; Independent Group
Ann Matchette Queen Mary University of London
Ruth Mather Queen Mary University of London
Popular politics, domestic space, material culture, family,18th/19th century
Lucinda Matthew-Jones Liverpool John Moores University
Residential domesticity, philanthropy, room biographies, material studies, religion
Heather McLean Aberystwyth University
Sexuality, gender, domesticity, identity, interwar, literature
Nektaria McWilliams Oxford Brookes University
Greek diaspora, film audiences, cinematic-memory, oral histories
Zoë Mendelson Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London
Hoarding and collection, accumulation, collage/assemblage, aesthetic experience, psychical space, agoraphobia
Kathy Mezei Simon Fraser University
Sue Michael University of South Australia
Genre painting, domesticity, place, humanistic geography, transdiscipline, environmental awareness
Graham Mooney Institute of the History of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore
Public health; urban health; infectious disease; domestic space; institutions
Claire Moran Queen’s University, Belfast
Modernism, Belgium, France, self-portraiture, aesthetics, networks
Maria Fernandes Moreira Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
Keywords: home, gender, family, domestic organization, homeless, Rio de Janeiro, displacement
Louise Moschetta University of Cambridge
Print cultures in the Caribbean, free and unfree migration, identity, forced labour, creolisation, Guianas


Shailaja Nair College of Engineering Trivandrum, Kerala, India
Feeling at home, existential and hermeneutic phenomenology, place and space, environment-behaviour studies, domestic architecture, cost effective architecture
Laika Nevalainen European University Institute, Florence, Italy
Bachelors, home, men and masculinities, everyday life, microhistory, Finland
Lucinda Newns London Metropolitan University
Domesticity, migration, diaspora, narrative, feminism, space (in literature)
Carey Newson Queen Mary University of London
Home; identity; material culture; teenagers; life course; family
Melanie Nowicki Royal Holloway, University of London
Domicide; precarity; home; governance


Daniella Ohad
Bard, Israeli design, design history
Philip Ogden Queen Mary University of London
Demography; household structure; household transitions; Europe; France
Tom Ottway University of Sussex
Auto-ethnography, home/non-home, sound, belonging, materiality, residency
Alastair Owens Queen Mary University of London
Gender, material culture, inheritance, wealth, families, Britain


Joanne Ella Parsons Bath Spa University
Diets, domesticity, gender, food, Victorian, literature
Rosanna Pavoni Fondazione Studio Museo Vico Magistretti, Milano
House museums and typologies, collectors houses, house museums and authenticity, house museums and identity
Anna Pechurina Leeds Beckett University
Home and identity, Russianness, Migrant homes and Homes away, Diasporic objects, Home ethnography
Tom Perchard Department of Music, Goldsmiths University of London
Music, domestic media, historical experience, 20th century, design, architecture
Luis Eduardo Pérez Murcia School of Environment and Development, University of Manchester
Home, home-making, conflict, displacement, forced migration, Colombia.
Gill Perry
Home, domesticity, installation art, gender, play, representation
Carsten Schjoett Philipsen Roskilde University (Denmark)
Phenomenology of home, ethnography, urban living, loneliness, felt homelessness, hearths
Brent Pilkey The Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London
Contemporary London; home; LGBTQ; minority sexuality; non-famous/everyday space; queering heteronormativity
Priscilla Pitts New Zealand Historic Places Trust
New Zealand, house-museum, textiles, cookery
Margaret Ponsonby University of Wolverhampton
Material culture, gender, 17th /18th /19th century, house museums, interpretation, conserved textiles
Michelle Porter Memorial University in Newfoundland and Labrador
home, rural, gender, identity, belonging, oral history
Tara Puri University of Warwick
19th century, women's magazines, domesticity, India, material culture, textiles
Hollie Price Queen Mary University of London
Interiors, British film, society, popular culture


Imogen Racz Coventry University
Interiority, the everyday, post-war sculptural practices, making and process, viewer engagement
Kate Reeder Head of Collections and Social History, Beamish Museum
Domestic life, 19th and 20th century, collecting objects and memories, home life
Catherine Richardson University of Kent
Early modern; interdisciplinary; domestic space; middling sort; experience; urban
Maria Astrid Rios Duran Universidad Nacional de Colombia
Material culture, history of design, gender, women, consumption, 18th, 19th and 20th century
Wood Roberdeau Goldsmiths, University of London
Domesticity, environmental aesthetics, everyday aesthetics, contemporary art, permaculture, philosophies of dwelling
Lisa C. Robertson University of Warwick
Architecture, housing, gender, urban, fiction, domestic
Catherine Rushmore Oxford Brookes University, Science Museum
Chemical, domestic, leisure, users, risk, gender
Ananda Rutherford The Geffrye Museum


Amrit Sagoo
existential-phenomenological, migration, home, belonging, exile, spaces
Greg Salter The Geffrye Museum
Domesticity, gender, sexuality, art, post-war, family
Deborah Schultz Regent's University London
visual, art, representation, memory, private, public
Rachel Scicluna Open University
Domestic kitchen, domestic unit, sexuality, politics, gender, older lesbians
Changying Shen University of Leicester
Lorna Sheppard Falmouth University
Book illustration, cookbooks, domesticity, gender, food, 20th century publishing
Olivia Sheringham Queen Mary University of London
Home, migration, city, transnationalism, identity, belonging
Michelle Shipworth UCL Energy Institute
Heating, achieving thermal comfort practices, electricity, appliances, cleanliness
Jennifer Sigler
Domestic labour, maid, cleaning, immigrant, architecture, design
Gini Simpson Queen Mary University of London
Knowledge exchange, creative, culture, artist, business
Lenka Slepičková Masaryk University
Transitition to motherhood, assisted reproduction, children as actors, inclusive education, infertility, childlessness
Kate Smith University of Warwick
Material culture, transnational, 18th Century, 19th Century, interiors
Sonia Solicari Guildhall Art Gallery and Birkbeck, University of London
Victorian, Liminalities, Door, Window, Hallway, Stairs
Sarah Spooner University of East Anglia
Garden, suburban, villa, landscape, Georgian, architecture
Robert Stephenson Queen Mary University of London
Masculinities, home, work-life balance, family, care, London
Elaine Stratford University of Tasmania
Domesticity, population, public health, planning and proto-planning, nation and empire
Deborah Sugg Ryan Falmouth University
Ideal Home Show, inter-war home, suburbia, Tudorbethan, labour-saving, modernity
Wyke Sybesma Huis Van Gijn, Dordrecht
Manners, history of food, table settings, home technology, storytelling, audiences


Anna Tarrant The Open University
Domestic masculinities; ageing; kinship; intergenerational relations; materiality; grandfathering
Clare Taylor The Open University
Material culture; eighteenth-century; domestic interior; wallpaper; period room; railway
Richard Tellström Stockholm University, Sweden
Food culture, food and restaurant history
Zoë Thomas Royal Holloway, University of London
Material culture, space, gender, craft, design, dilettantism
Mark Thorpe Truth Consulting
Lefebvre, Space, Material Culture, Ethnography, Consumption, Lifeworlds.
Olga Tkach Centre for Independent Social Research (CISR), St.Petersburg, Russia
Multigenerational family, home-making, migrant homes, home care, paid domestic work, au pair


Barbora Vackova Masaryk University
Urban studies; sociology of space and architecture; social change/ 19th, 20th century; modern architecture and urbanism; materiality; home
Reny van der Kamp Amsterdam
Objects, utensils, sustainable development goals, cultural heritage, interdisciplinary, design
Ignacia Ossul Vermehren University College, London
Home-making, low-income housing, everyday politics, participatory photography, gender, identity.
Pedro Vicente Escola ELISAVA, Spain
Family album, domestic, autobiography, memory, home, identity
Amanda Vickery Queen Mary University of London
Eleni Vomvyla UCL Institute of Archaeology
Migration, identity, material culture, personal/family history, intergenerational memory, critical and participatory methodologies


Hillary Walker Gugan University of Toronto
House museum, visitor experience, science and technology studies (STS), phenomenology, heritage, domestic interior
Imogen Wallace Queen Mary University of London
Katie Walsh School of Global Studies / Sussex Centre for Migration Research, University of Sussex
Migration, Home-making, Gender, Older age and ageing, Transnationalism, British
Evelyn Welch Queen Mary University of London
Janice Welch The Geffrye Museum
Tessa Whitehouse Queen Mary University of London
Friendship, family, memorial, religion, education, letters
Sarah Whittingham
Gardens, architecture, interiors, Victorian, ferns, Pteridomania
Abigail Williams University of Oxford
Reading, eighteenth-century, performance, sociability, education, improvement
Gillian Williamson Honorary Research Fellow, Birkbeck, University of London, 2017-19
The Spare Room: Landlords, Landladies and their Lodgers
Nicola Wilson University of Reading
Working-class; C20 Britain; writing; fiction; representations; kitchen
Annabelle Wilkins Queen Mary, University of London
Migration, home, work, belonging, domesticity, interiors
Eleanor Wilkinson University of Leeds
Co-housing, feminism, friendship, law, queer studies, solo-living, welfare
Katie Wright Higgins University of Sussex
Embodiment, transnational, British, Aotearoa New Zealand, migrants, expatriates
Ness Wood University of Brighton
Design, everyday objects, domestic, social history, material culture, modernity
Susan Woodall Royal Holloway, University of London
Homes of Mercy, material culture, ‘fallen’ women


Rosemary Yallop University of Oxford
John Nash, picturesque architecture, Regency suburb, villa, Italianate, pattern books
Christopher Yiannitsoras University of Warwick
Domesticity; Gothic; middlebrow; middle class; interwar; village
Linda Young Deakin Unniversity
Material culture, 19th century, British world, house museums
Chia-hua Yeh Queen Mary, University of London


Henrietta Zeffert The London School of Economics and Political Science
Home, law, every day life, occupation, homelessness, eviction