Paolo Boccagni

I am a lecturer in Sociology at the University of Trento, Italy. I first addressed debates on home through my fieldwork on labour migrants’ transnational practices and attachments. I then revisited it, on the one hand, by doing research on immigration and home care in Italy; on the other, by empirically exploring the variety of emotions associated with the migration process. My current research is on home-making and home-feeling processes, primarily concerning migrants and ethnic minorities, as a strategic issue for understanding the everyday negotiation of boundaries between native and foreign-born populations. I am also elaborating, at a theoretical level, on the multi-faceted significance of home – as a space and a place; as a setting and a process – to a sociological understanding of contemporary migration.

My relevant publications include a piece on migrants’ housing practices in “Housing, Theory and Society” (“What’s in a (migrant) house? Changing domestic spaces, the negotiation of belonging and home-making in  Ecuadorian migration”, 2014). Last, I have convened, with a colleague, a session on "Home-Making Practices and the Domestic Spaces of Migrant and Ethnic Minorities" at the forthcoming World conference of the International Sociological Association – RC43, Housing and the Built Environment (Yokohama, July 2014).

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