Postgraduate Study Day 21 October 2014: podcasts

‘I spent many hours of a normal day alone in my nursery’: middle-class only children at home, c. 1850-1914 [MP3 15.99 MB]

Alice Violett, University of Essex

The meanings and practices of home of Finnish bachelors c. 1880-1930 – aims and some preliminary findings [MP3 19.7 MB]

Laika Nevalainen, European University Institute

Material culture, identity and power in late-Georgian plebeian homes [MP3 16.1 MB]

Ruth Mather, Queen Mary, University of London

Portable ideals: the domestic material culture of Victoria's gold rush emigrants [MP3 21.8 MB]

Michele Summerton, Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia

The ideal library: book collecting, gender, and domesticity c. 1880-1920 [MP3 17.42 MB]

Heidi Egginton, University of Cambridge

Meanings of home for conflict-induced displaced persons [MP3 18.86 MB]

Luis Eduardo Perez Murcia, University of Manchester

The lake home [MP3 25.77 MB]

Henrietta Zeffert, The London School of Economics and Political Science

Home, religion and ancestor veneration in Vietnam and East London [MP3 18.48 MB]

Annabelle Wilkins, Queen Mary, University of London